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Celebrations of a Nation: Early American Holidays

A wonderful holiday gift, this lively Christian history of American holidays — Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and Presidents' Day — will delight family and friends. Learn how and why the United States began in this compelling, informative history with beautiful illustrations and inspiring words from our founding fathers. United States History: Founders, Colonial, Revolutionary War, American Presidents.


The Sculpture of Barry Woods Johnston: Art of Enduring Value

Dynamic marble and bronze fine art sculptures inspire the heart and mind in this colorful coffee-table catalog. Beautifully rendered, classic / art deco / modern style of award-winning sculptures — such as The Bather, King Lear, Faust, Saint Francis, Romeo and Juliet, in a wide range of price and sizes — with insightful commentary by art critic Steve Mirabella. Fine Art: Marble, Bronze Figurative Sculpture, Art Awards.


Teaching Manual for Celebrations of a Nation

Teaching early American history is fun and meaningful with the focus on holidays and the aid of this teachers' guide. Great for class, homeschooling, or Sunday school, the manual includes chapter-by-chapter Q&As, projects, History Maps, Chronology of Events, Chronology of Presidents, The Great Seal, The National Anthem, and extensive online resource links. Teaching: United States History, Colonial, Revolutionary, Civil War.


Celebrations of a Nation
Barry Woods Johnston Sculpture Brochure
Celebrations Teaching Manual