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Celebrations Teaching Manual


Teaching Manual for Celebrations of a Nation

Designed for ease of use, the Teaching Manual provides teachers a simple plan for daily course work, study aids, and tools to help guide students toward their own research, which can be so much fun with history. The PDF includes extensive Online Resource Links. By studying our first holidays, students will find they have wonderful stories to share with family and friends.

Chapter–by–Chapter Questions and Answers cover U.S. History Early Colonial Period through the Civil War. The Q&A sections provide daily plans and tests designed to encourage students, with some being easy and some challenging for more advanced students. All will help develop an admiration and respect for those who dared to dream of a nation based on equality and freedom, and who sacrificed so much to create and secure the United States of America.

With the engaging storytelling of Celebrations of a Nation, the poignant quotes from primary sources and the reproductions of paintings of events, students will feel as if they are there — braving the Atlantic on the Mayflower and in Independence Hall during the debates on writing our Constitution. With the aid of this step-by-step teachers guide, the Historical Maps, Chronology of Events, List of Presidents, Q&As, and additional tools to explore these popular National holidays we all enjoy, our Christian heritage will come alive.

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