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What readers say about Celebrations of a Nation!

“Celebrations of a Nation is a superb example of how facts can be entertaining as well as informative…My wife and I have bought many copies as gifts for friends...It made me feel I was an observer of history, not just being told something second handed.”
— Dr. N.R. Bernes, Vice President, Nichols Research

Our history came alive. I gained understanding and appreciation for the hardships, the sacrifices, the driving love for freedom, and the staunch determination of our founding fathers…This book instilled in me a determination to actively protect and preserve our great nation”
— Frank L. Grose, Senior Space Systems Analyst, SASC

“Celebrations of a Nation is a well written concise volume of America’s most important historical holidays in story form, and substantiated by documents written by our founding fathers. Mrs. Johnston shows that we were founded as a Christian nation. What stories she has to tell! Important for every home and great for gifts.”

I found so much that inspired and strengthened my spirit…now I will never be able to celebrate a holiday without reflecting upon its true meaning.”
— Becky Ostrzycki, Amazon reader