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THE FOURTH OF JULY Celebrations of a Nation explains our Democratic Republic with concise and colorful facts: the individual stories of the revolutionaries, the reasons for the fight for independence, and the debates on the ultimate form of government for the United States. Personal narratives take us into the Revolutionary War and the triumph of Independence Day. We learn how and why our democracy began.

PRESIDENTS DAY Celebrations gives us an intimate biography of George Washington based on his letters and the insights of his peers, from his youthful writings in Barbados, through his years as a revolutionary general and his public service solidifying the government as the first American President. It concludes with an insightful study of Abraham Lincoln from his early writings in Springfield, through his steadfast resolution to save the Union and free one–eighth of the population from slavery, to the ending of the Civil War. We learn about these Presidents’ personal beliefs, their personalities, their resolutions and struggles, and how they were able to stabilize the United States for future generations.

Celebrations of a Nation is a classic and colorful resource on how our country began, our first National holidays, and the vision and enduring faith of those who established our amazing American democracy.

200 Pgs, 30 Illustrations, References, Bibliography and Index, 5.5 x 8.5