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Celebrations of a Nation

A wonderful holiday gift, this lively history of our most popular holidays is a compelling journey into the Christian origins of American democracy. We learn how our liberty was secured and why we celebrate these meaningful National holidays: Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July and Presidents’ Day.

Colorful and informative, Celebrations explores the vision and struggles of our forefathers in their own words and shows how faith guided their actions and helped build our country. Thoroughly researched, Johnston’s third book grabs our attention with exciting stories and painting reproductions and gives us the sense of being there when this nation began. We see how the Christian values of equality, freedom and charity were woven into the fabric of American democracy.

THANKSGIVING Begins with the cultural climate in Europe as background for the faith and determination of the 47 Pilgrims who voyaged on the Mayflower, the conflicts and triumphs of their crossing, the political and historical significance of the Mayflower Compact, their founding of Plymouth Colony, their mercy during struggles with disease and starvation, their creation of the free–enterprise system, relationships with Native Americans, and the first celebrations of Thanksgiving.