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The Sculpture of Barry Woods Johnston:
Art of Enduring Value

Award–winning sculptures combine elegant designs with amazingly real figures to portray the deepest meaning of what it is to be human — from our lightest moments to our most classic tragedies. Johnston’s unique sculptures are praised for their graceful energy and eloquent intelligence.

This full color, coffee–table brochure of marble and bronze sculptures offers a literary and visual treasure, with insightful commentary by art critic Steve Mirabella. Subjects range from the profoundly moving King Lear, the fallen Faust, and the suspended Chaos of contemporary life to the delightful First Kiss of Romeo and Juliet, a liberating Saint Francis, and the Three Graces Whipping Up Spring.

Johnston’s art inspires our hearts and minds. His masterful rendering and vision, as well as the wide range of price and size, continue to delight collectors around the world.

Honored repeatedly with the most esteemed sculpture awards, this imaginative art has personal depth, and enduring quality and beauty.

24 Pages, 30 Illustrations, Index, Awards, 8 – 5/8 x 11
ISBN: 0–9620343–2–0 (pbk.) $8.00 (Includes Shipping)

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