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Welcome to Candel Publishing!

Lucile Johnston began publishing in response to requests for continuing editions of her third book, the classic Christian history of American holidays, Celebrations of a Nation. She continues as our inspiration and senior editor, and her books kindle a light of hope, joy, and patriotism in the hearts of her many grateful readers.

We are very pleased to offer a colorful coffee–table brochure of the dynamic and meaningful figurative sculptures of her award–winning son, Barry Woods Johnston, and plan to publish a more complete art book of his sculpture in the future. His work can also be viewed online at

You may have noticed the unusually refined designs of our website and the sculpture brochure. We are grateful for the artistry and skills of our colleague, Roy Simmons, of Simmons Design and Photography.

Candel hopes to provide our readers subjects of substance and stimulating aesthetics. Please feel free to email your comments.

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