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“Barry Johnston is a master of sculptural movement — the elusive quality that breathes life into senseless matter making sculpture vital.”
— American Arts Quarterly magazine, Spring 2001

“[Johnston’s] works are romantic in the truest sense of the word, imaginative and realistic. They bring us out of our daily materialism and into the heart of what is worthwhile.”
— American Muse magazine, Fall 2001

“Barry Johnston’s sculptures are a celebration of life
— Michael Richman, art historian

“While Johnston has admirers who value the excellence of his surfaces and forms, it’s his ability to connect with something deeply personal in so many different people that sets him apart from other sculptors.”
— American Arts Quarterly magazine, Spring 2001

“[Johnston’s] sculpture presents a positive view of humanity akin to the classical masters. His figures display finely modeled surfaces with well–defined musculature and clear anatomical structure. Yet they incorporate a fresh, modern quality of design that speaks to the present.”
— Rolly T. Strauss, founding editor of Sculptors International

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