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Publisher’s Comments

We are pleased to offer representative new works by this unique master sculptor. Eleven new sculptures were created in the last two years and we viewed over one hundred sculptures to bring you a sampling of his steadily growing body of work.

Some compositions are startling in sophistication and grace. Some details in renderings and gestures linger in your mind. Above all, Johnston sculptures are about relationships — Shakespeare’s King Lear in the moment of realization of his vain misunderstanding of his daughters, the joyful mother dancing with her infant, the floating intimacy of Wedlock, the amused father with his young daughter in Future Prince, the generous spirit of Saint Francis releasing a dozen doves to the freedom of the sky; the delightful flirtations of Romeo and Juliet in First Kiss — there is always a story to be absorbed and appreciated, along with the eloquent figures and graceful, sometimes lyrical compositions.

Candel Publishing is pleased to offer the most comprehensive collection in print of the works of American sculptor, Barry Woods Johnston. Limiting our offering to twenty–four sculptures for this publication has inspired us to plan a more complete art book of Johnston’s work. We look forward to the enlightening experience of working further with the artist and his elegant sculptures.

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